Learner Drivers

At 3M Driving School, we provide full flexible and one-on-one driving lessons. Depending on your driving experience and driving skills, we will advise you as to which package is most suitable for you. We take care to find a package that will cover all or most of your driving skills and improve your driving confidence to pass the driving test with ease and peace of mind.

Packages Available
  • Beginner Package ( 5 Lessons)
  • Learner Package (10 Lessons)
  • Advance Package (15 Lessons)
  • Expert Package (20 Lessons)

Program Overview

We provide free pick up and drop off at home or school for all behind-the-wheel lessons. Also, the student will choose from one of the following driving packages: Learner Package  includes 10 hours of in-car driving ; Learner Complete Package includes 10 hours of lessons plus Car hire for the Driving Test; Advance Package includes 15 hours of lessons; Advance Complete Package includes 15 hours of lessons plus Car hire for Driving Test. All lessons will be one on one basis. We also offer 30 hours and unlimited hours packages, call us for more detailsarea

Our instructor’s travel time is never deducted from the lesson. We guarantee to cover all skills of driving including all types of parking.

Eligibility Requirements

  • At least 16.5 years old
  • Has passed the Driver Knowledge Test OR having valid Overseas Driving License
  • Has completed Hazard and Perception Test (if preparing for driving test)