Driving School Lidcombe

Driving School Lidcombe

Looking for Driving School Lidcombe? We offer affordable, effective and convenient driving lessons in your area. We understand our responsibility and work hard to give safe drivers to our community to increase road safety.

Driving School Lidcombe – Flexible Courses

Our driving courses are structured such a way that makes your learning easy, comfortable and stress free. We provide driving lessons with flexible timing as per your requirement and we also run different courses throughout the year like Learner, Refresher and Overseas Driver Courses (see Packages). Pre-Test Assessment will give you a peace of mind. We advise to go for Pre-test Assessment before your actual Driving Test, if you are a good driver and ready for driving test.

At 3M Driving School Lidcombe, we understand your concern, weakness and requirements. Our driving instructors are very patient. They will teach you safe and defensive driving to make you a safe and confident driver.

Driving School Lidcombe provides Mock Test / Pre-Test Assessment

We provide Mock Test at Lidcombe Service NSW. Our driving instructors are well trained to take mock test on Lidcombe test routes. Mock test will give you a peace of mind and come to know  what skills you need to practice on.

Book for Mock Test / Pre-Test Assessment If you are ready for the driving test. During Pre-Test Assessment, we will take you to one of the driving test routes of Lidcombe Service NSW and assess you. It would be like a mock test. Our driving instructors are well trained and experienced will teach all required tips and techniques and make sure that you pass the test in 1st try.

Pass in 1st GO

At 3M Driving School Lidcombe, we will teach you at the standards and safety required by RMS (Road and Maritime Service). Our instructors will teach you all required tips and techniques to pass the driving test in 1st attempt (visit Gallery).

Give us a call to make a booking.