Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find a list of complete and very practical answers. Don’t forget, our experts are best placed to answer your questions.

Where are you located?

We are in Silverwater NSW 2128. We do provide service for different service centres like Silverwater, Merrylands, and Blacktown. Our instructors are familiar with all these areas and take you on the test routes.

How much do you charge for a lesson?

We charge for a lesson and each lesson would be for 1 hour. For charges latest information click here.

Do you provide your car for the driving test?

Yes, we do provide automatic, dual control, road worthy and fully insured cars for the test. For the charges visit here.

How many lessons will I need to learn to drive?

Everyone is different. Everyone has different capability of learning and grasping of the knowledge. After the initial 1 or 2 lessons our instructor would be able to tell you how many lessons you need to pass the test.

Do you provide lessons for Manual Car?

Right now, we provide lesson for automatic car only.

How to convert my Overseas license to NSW full license?

First book the Driver knowledge test (DKT) with Service NSW and pass the DKT. At that time, they will advise you if you need to verify your overseas licence or not. Then you can book the lessons to practice and know how to apply the road rules while driving. Once you ready for the driving test our instructor will advise to book the test. More information visit Service NSW website.

How many hours I will get in logbook for each lesson?

Each lesson is 1 hour, and you will get 3 hours for each lesson in your logbook.

Do you provide fast-track course to get license quickly?

Yes, we do provide fast-track courses. If you are experienced or beginner depending on your skill level, we will organise lessons as much required to pass the test in 1st GO.

Do you provide refresher course?

Yes, we do provide refresher course. Refresher course will brush up your skill. If you have the license but stopped driving due to some reason and now want to restart. Our instructors all well trained to build your confidence and refresh your skill to make you drive with confidence.

How do I book a car with you for my driving test?

Call us on provided number on the website or just drop the message through contact form

How do I book a lesson with you?

Call us on provided number on the website or just drop the message through contact form

How do I book for my driving test?

For actual driving test contact your local Roads and Maritime Services during office hours, book online using the link below or download the free mobile app to select your test date and time. You can visit RMS website