Learner Drivers

At 3M Driving School, we assist learners who don’t have any driving experience or steering control. Our patient instructors will teach you each and every bit of safe driving required to make you expert in step-by-step and structured lessons.

Overseas Drivers

We are eager to assist new migrants, students and overseas drivers. Our instructors will assist you to learn the best driving skills and techniques, which will help you to get your NSW license with ease and peace of mind.

Motorway Driving

If you know driving well but are not confident or if you are scared to drive on motorways, our instructors will help you learn proper driving skills and build your confidence. You will learn skills required to drive safely on motorways, like how to drive with maintaining a safety cushion around your vehicle, how to change lanes safely, maintaining speed, early escape, merging with traffic and more.

City Driving

We know it is very difficult to drive in the CBD area if you haven’t driven before in a city. If you drive well but are scared of driving in the city (CBD), we will help you improve your skills to drive safely in congested and heavy traffic areas.

Pre Test Assessment

If you have booked your driving test, we can assess your driving skill and give you proper guidance to improve your driving skills and manoeuvre difficult tasks, like curb-side parking, three-point turns and parallel reverse parking. Our instructors will make sure that you improve your driving skills, so that you are ready for the actual test.

Driving Test Preparation

Although you are an expert driver, you may feel hesitant to take the actual driving test because of the pressure and anxiety you feel about test-taking. Test preparation lessons will build your confidence. Our instructors will teach you the proper techniques and manoeuvre tasks required to pass the test.